Ulysse Nardin

Inspired by the open sea, Ulysse Nardin is the pioneering Manufacture, offering timepieces from the most innovative to the most daring.
In 1846 in Le Locle, Ulysse Nardin founded the company that bears his name. At the time, the hour being for the exploration of the Ocean and international trade, Ulysse Nardin embarked on the creation of its own marine chronometers, intended for navigation, and sophisticated pocket watches.
Armed with relentless inventiveness, he confidently imagines new ideas every day and designs watches of the highest precision. Driven by her determination and daring, Ulysse Nardin has written some of the most beautiful chapters in the history of Haute Horlogerie, taking advantage of every opportunity that her life brings her, exploring and pushing ever further the boundaries of watchmaking imagination, without ever forgetting that an adventurer's only objective is to have detailed knowledge of everything.

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