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House fonded in 1922


After 87 years within the same walls, Godechot-Pauliet Paris got bigger and became one of the largest stores dedicated to jewellery and watchmaking in the capital city.

The spirit remained the same, the space opened, and without changing place, Godechot-Pauliet's address changed: since then, you have visited us at 4, place Victor Hugo, Paris, France.


Godechot-Pauliet set up a new store in Deauville and offered the most fashionable brands of the moment.
Shortly afterwards, a showroom was created in the most luxurious city's resort, within which the firm organized presentations and previews for its customers.

Ouverture de la boutique Godechot-Pauliet à Deauville


Meanwhile, the company expanded its partnerships with major watchmaking brands:
the Paris' first Rolex Space opened in May, followed by other brands that were offered a dedicated space within the store.


Patrice Bensahin acquired the company.
Descendant of a long line of jewellers, he committed to the vision of its predecessors and strenghtened it: in addition to offering only certified diamonds, Godechot-Pauliet published a Book of Diamond, an educational document designed to introduce clients to the secrets of this most desired stone.


Godechot Pauliet was taken over by the Goutallier family.


The company changed its name: it has been Godechot-Pauliet from then on.

The company was bought up by Pierre Godechot. With the withdrawal of Sirop associates, the name was changed to Société Parisienne de Diamant Godechot-Pauliet.

The 1970s signed a period of significant expansion under the new name Godechot-Pauliet. It was the beginning of partnerships with major brands of watches.

Sirop Pauliet deviens Godechot Pauliet


Sirop & Pauliet gained in importance with the arrival of new shareholders.

The jewellery's business grew throughout the thirties.
Always creative, the house invented in 1935 the "identity card of gems": a diamond control service designed to reassure the customers, the precursory principle of certificates that always go with our diamonds nowadays.

After World War II, at the time of costume jewellery, a trend imported from the United States, Sirop & Pauliet remained faithful to the tradition of jewellery. They took delight in specialize in only authentic diamonds.


As a result of its success, the jewellery store, located at 222 Boulevard Saint Martin, became too cramped. Therefore, they decided to set up in the corner of the Place Victor Hugo at 86 Avenue Malakoff, an exceptional location in the sixteenth arrondissement.

90 years later, the street has changed its name to Avenue Raymond Poincaré; since then, the jewellery store has become an institution and is still there, at the same place!

Godechot-Pauliet emménage sur la place Victor Hugo, Paris
Bijoux Godechot-Pauliet


The Sirop & Pauliet tandem got known for the quality and the originality of their creations in the spirit of the times. They became famous jewellers in the heart of the Roaring Twenties.


Heir to a long line of jewellers-creators, the Godechot-Pauliet House has its origins in the 1920's in Paris.

On October 1st, 1922, a jewellery manufacturer named Lucien Sirop and Fernand Pauliet joined together.
Their activity was the manufacture of jewellery, the sale of precious metals, precious stones, jewellery and goldsmithery.